A new short story collection

Ugly as Sin & Other Clichés:  now available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

With everything from a wry smile to a glimpse of truth, the familiar clichés that litter our language have been brought to life in these 50 tales.

Each of the five authors of these stories has an individual style. Together they create an assortment that is as varied as it is entertaining

Ugly as Sin book cover Pentad Books
Bag and Baggage
by Kathy Miles

Hilda drags her bags into the entrance.  She’s never believed in travelling light. She has 10 small blue bags, all filled to bursting, carefully tied together so they look like one enormous knobbly piece of luggage. It was a trick she’d learned early on in India. But in those days she was young and fit…

Birds of a Feather
by Dawn Wyndham

There was mist in the hollow of the valley, like water in the bowl of righteous hands cupped to receive the day’s blessing. The overnight storm had left clouds marooned high on the tops of the hills and the air was cold and still, as clean as if it had never been breathed…

Out of the Woods
by Sue Wright

My kind is known for their stability and strength. We looked out for each other in the bad winters and shared moisture in the long dry summers. It was the way of things. Year after year, decade after decade, we rubbed along together

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